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story bangle

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In a virtuous circle, Vietnam War bombs and other debris is upcycled by fair trade artisans into modern heirlooms that help clear unexploded bombs from their land. Our bangle bracelets are pieces of history that tell a true story -“dropped and made in Laos”- and make a positive impact. The ARTICLE22 Original Story Bangle... Their story... from the beginning.

ELIZABETH SUDA - Founder and Creative Director
New York native Elizabeth wanted to answer a simple question: “how and by whom are the goods we consume made?”
After two years in the Merchandising Department at Coach, she packed her bags and traveled to Laos. She was without a plan, but prepared. Upon arrival in Vientiane she began knocking on the doors of local women-based textile businesses. She was on a mission to understand how local, sustainable crafts made by women could be plugged into the global fashion market.
Recognizing that market linkage and design are major constraints on artisans, she founded ARTICLE22 when she met artisans in a rural village melting US bombs into spoons. She was beguiled by her lack of awareness of the Secret War in Laos (1963-1974), which left a legacy of 80 million unexploded bombs.
She created the Peacebomb bracelet with the idea of buying back the bombs. Since then, ARTICLE22 has developed into a global business with "doing good" at its core.

Each Peacebomb bracelet is engraved with our namesake, ARTICLE22, inspired by the 22nd article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which states everyone’s right to social, economic, and cultural security and the free development of personality.

Click here to watch a bomb expert's day-to-day in Laos.

Each piece gives back to support traditional Laotian artisan livelihoods, village development, community endeavors and further de-mining efforts. 

Your purchase contributes to MAG (Mines Advisory Group) to safely & expertly clear some of the 80 million unexploded bombs contaminating land in Laos.

  • Size: STD 2.5”/ 6.4cm

 $40 clears 3sq meters of Laotian landscape

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