less harm, more solutions

The immediate need to adopt sustainable + eco-friendly practices within our lifestyles + shopping habits have become more and more important + prevalent through the years. While fast fashion giants have been a major contributor to these global emergencies, very few have called out the jewelry industry's part in it all. Mining for precious metals + gems can not only cause water pollution, greenhouse gas emission, and soil erosion, but it also directly impacts workers + local communities who are exposed to these toxic chemicals. 

less talk, more action

In a report titled "The Environmental Impact of Mining Precious Metals and Gemstones" Dr. Doug Guthrie states that 20 tons of waste are produced for every ounce of gold, and an average large-scale gold mine uses 1,900 tons of cyanide annually. Like clothing, jewelry needs to be put back into circulation, where metals are broken down + reused, gemstones are locally sourced, and different items + materials are creatively repurposed.

Lucky for us, there are jewelry brands + designers that are already doing this.

less resistance, more change

Here at Leismo Jewelry, we bring ethical + fair trade jewelry brands together to empower individuals to shop consciously, easily. We educate shoppers on how their decisions can create a positive + lasting impact on families + local communities around the world. Each brand has unique + profound story with incredibly innovative structures: ethical working conditions, fair trade practices, and recycled + refined materials are just a few examples.

Through a less is more approach, Leismo Jewelry offers minimal jewelry of substantial quality.

our impact

We are happy to donate 5% of each purchase to a selection of non-profits that you can chose from. This allows us to make a positive impact, not only through the products we sell, but as a brand + retailer in general.  

Learn more about each non-profit in the slides below.