about us

Here at Leismo Jewelry, we bring ethical + fair trade jewelry brands together to empower individuals to shop consciously, easily.

We educate shoppers on how their decisions can create a positive + lasting impact on families and local communities around the world. 

Each brand has unique purpose and profound story with incredibly innovative structures: ethical working conditions, fair trade practices, and recycled + refined materials are just a few examples.

Founded by Jessica Manno, a publicist in the fashion & jewelry industry, who wanted to bring together like-minded individuals who understand that style and self-expression shouldn't come at an unethical cost.

Through a less is more approach, Leismo Jewelry offers minimal jewelry of substantial quality. 

our impact

We donate 5% of each purchase to a non-profit organization of your choice. This allows us to make a positive impact, not only through the products we sell, but as a brand + retailer in general.  

Learn more about each organization in the slides below.